Will Ralph Nader Run for President in 2016? The chances of seeing Ralph Nader’s name on the 2016 presidential ballot just got a little brighter, as the independent candidate announced last week that he may put his name in the race one more time. Nader’s outlook on the last presidential election was that neither Obama or Romney had what it took to elicit real change in Washington D.C., and as preparations begin for the 2016 election, he sees the lack of action over the last decade as motivation to stir things up. Nader himself has been put through the ringer when it comes to media coverage, shifting from well-liked presidential candidate to a social pariah thanks to personal attacks from Corporate America. Having given the dust some time to settle, is Ralph Nader prepared to step up into a leadership position once again for the Independent Party? Only time will tell. For those who are unfamiliar with Ralph Nader and his platform under the Green Party, you should know that he markets himself as being one of the only honest politicians who genuinely makes the interest of the everyday man a priority. He supports the reproductive rights of women as well as stem cell research and believes that abortion is a private decision that the government should not interfere in. When it comes to our country’s struggling economy, Nader believes that the focus has been unwisely placed on military costs and creating jobs. Instead, the priority should be given to preventative health, the economic infrastructure, and attending to the needs of the community over the individual or the corporation. Nader’s most strident stance is clearly his belief that Corporate America has grown to the point where it controls the government, defines consumer costs, and too easily impacts the everyday lives of Americans. He would like to take on corporations, make them more accountable for their actions, and return power to the citizens of this country. Back in 2000, Nader earned 2.74% of the popular vote in the presidential election, just missing the 5% needed to achieve federal funding for the Green Party. His campaign rallied support from a number of celebrities including Tim Robbins, Michael Moore, and Susan Sarandon. Nader’s performance in the election is credited for securing the election for Bush by securing more votes from traditionally Democratic voters rather than the Republicans, effectively splitting the vote that Gore needed to become President. If Ralph Nader runs in the 2016 presidential campaign, it will be his fifth time serving as a US presidential candidate. He will find competition in Joe Schriner who is running as an independent candidate. A slue of governors, house reps, and mayors including Guiliani, Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, and Chris Cristie are front-runners as the Republican candidate. Nader may have gathered some loyal supporters over the years, but he’s guaranteed to have his work cut out for him in the year 2016. The Case for Ralph Nader in 2012 A strong presidential campaign by the Green Party in 2008 could have fundamentally changed the political dynamics of the United States. Unfortunately we all know what happened instead. Let's not make the same mistakes in 2012. More of the public agrees with the Greens than the Democrats or Republicans on the key issues of 2008: ending the war, single-payer health care, economic security for low- and middle-income people, restoring our constitutional rights, and a serious renewable energy program to address global warming and peak oil. In 2008, the Green Party could establish itself as a powerful opposition to the two party system of corporate rule, so credible that it becomes an indispensable part of mainstream public and media debate on the issues. Ralph Nader is the possible Green candidate who is best positioned to realize this potential. He is still considering whether to run. Here is why I think he should run. + + +

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